Cruising In Becky's Land Yacht

On October 17th 2020 we purchased Becky's Yacht!

Becky really did not get into the boat. Seems being on the water was just not her thing. So we started looking around for a used land yacht, a motor home (RV). We ended up finding one by accident on our way to Walmart to do some shopping. It was right next to the road and had only been for sale for about 4 hours. So we looked it over and tentatively baught it right then.

The previous owner had replaced the floor with fancy wood flooring. He had also replaced the roof which was another plus. We worked on it for about a week fixing some of the minor things and figuring out how some of the things and systems worked. It worked kind of like our previous boat but on a smaller scale, being as it is only 28 feet long.

About a week before we left on our trip we spent the entire week packing up cloths and other things. We also went shopping and stocking up on food and other necessaties.

With the first snow still on the ground, we left on our snow bird trip on November 29th. Our first distant planned stop was to visit my sister Brenda in Navarre Florida.

We spent that first night at the Walmart in Owatanna, MN parking lot. The temperature dropped down to 19 degrees and we were not plugged into any electricity so we could not run our electric heater and the generator did not start, cranking battery was dead. Then we found that both our main and house 12 vold batteries went dead. By the time the sun came up we were very cold and could not start the RV to even get heat from the engine. The next morning we called the automotive department there at the Walmart and asked them if they could come out to their parking lot and give us a jump so we could come in and have them put 2 new batteries in. They did and we got the new batteries and we test started the generator. Then we were on our way again.

We spent the night at a way side rest north of Aims Iowa. Got up the next morning and got underway after cooking and eating some breakfast and making a pot of coffee. We then started the generator for a while to cool off the refrigerator before we got underway.

We had a short day, did not get a good nights sleep last night, so we stopped just north of Des Moines Iowa and a way side rest. Spent the night there.

We drove most of the day and stopped at a small RV park just south of Butler Missouri. Electricity came with the camp site which was a good thing as the generator would turn over but would not start. Got up and left the next morning after cooking and having some coffee and breakfast.

12-02-2020 & 12-03-2020
Stopped at an RV park in Ft. Smith Arkansas and spent 2 days there. Took showers and washed clothes and took a much needed break from driving.

12-04-2020 & 12-05-2020
We stopped at an RV park in Texarkana. It was a nice place so we stayed 2 days and enjoyed ourselves. The weather there was great in the 60s.

We spent the night in an RV park at Lafayette, Louisiana. Got up and took showers and did some launtry early in the morning and got back on the road.

12-07-2020 to 12-20-2020
Arrived at Brenda's spent a great two week. Brenda and Michelle were great hosts. Thery took us out so we could look around. We got to see the damage from a hurricane that went through there a couple of weeks earlier. I also took the generator apart, cleaned it, and put it back together and to my surprise it working again.

We spent the night in the parking lot of the Walmart in Perry Florida. Got up the next morning and had breakfast and coffee. Filled up with gas and got underway.

12-22-20209 through 12-27-2020
Visited our friends the Voss's from Tower Minnesota. Becky made a great Christmas dinner for just the two of us. We even had wine with our dinner. Several days later the Voss's came over and took us out to see the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. After that we went out to a sea food restaraunt where we had a big basket of delicous clam strips and hush puppies. Then we went over to their house and sat around for a couple of hours. Then back to the RV at the park. We had a great time with Lynn and Larry Voss. Then it was time for us to take off to see friends in Texas.

We stopped and spent the night at the Loves Truck Stop in Moorehaven Florida. The next morning we got up, fueled up and got back on the road again.

12-29-2020 & 12-30-2020
We arrived at my sister Jody's in West Palm Beach Florida and parked in her driveway. It was really great to see Jody after such a long time. She is working her buns off from 11 PM until 7 AM almost every day. She was trying to spend as much time with us as she could but we could see that she was getting worn out so we cut our visit short. She was also looking for another place to live as her landlord had asked her to leave because she was going to sell her house.

We spent the night in Zuber Florida at the Loves gas station. Left the following morning after having breakfast and filling up with fuel.

Stayed the night at an RV park in Lake City Florida. Took showers and did laundry. Did not have any plans past this date. We will be playing it by ear and making more plans as we go.

Drove all day in the rain and spent the night at the Loves Truckstop in Cottondale Florida.

We needed to empty our holding tanks so we drove about 11 miles to the Falling Waters State Park near the the town of Chipley Florida. It was such a nice place we stayed the night. After all we are not on a schedule. We also took showers and got cleaned up.

Drove most of the day and stopped at a Loves Truckstop near Diberville Mississippi.

We drove most of the day and managed to stop at two AT&T to get the high speed internet connection equipment that would give us Internet access in the RV via WiFi. We stopped for the night at a Loves Truckstop in Duson Louisiana to rest and play with our new Internet access. The following morning we refueled and got on our way again.

01-06-2021 & 01-07-2021
We stayed at Boomtown RV Park near Vidor Texas. Was a really nice place. We stayed there 2 nights, mainly because it was so windy. The RV does not do well in strong winds. We also showered and did laundry. We also spent some time in there TV room and saw some news about protesters trying to take over our nations capital buildings.

stopped and spent the night at the Loves Truckstop in Sinton Texas. Got up the next morning had some coffee and breakfast and got on the road again.

01-09-2021 through 01-15-2021
Stopped at the Split Rail RV Park in Mission Texas. We spent some time visiting with Jim and Nedra Fuhr. They took us out to eat at a mexican family restaraunt then down to see the famous Border WALL between Mexico and the US. The next day I built an antenna for the RV.
The next day thay came and we went out to a fancy Mexican restaraunt where we had some of the best food we have ever eaten. Thursday we rested and Friday we went to see the SpaceX site and their rocket, then to see the beach at the west side of the Gulf of Mexico. We saw a large shrimp boat that had missed the enterance to the harbor and ran aground on the beach. After that we drove to Podra Island so we could say we were there and to stop and eat at a fancy sea food restaraunt. Again it was a grand meal. The next day we took off for the Falcon State Park about 90 miles to the west of Mission Texas.

01-16-2021 until Present
We are at the Falcon State Park to hang out for a while. It costs us about $80 a week to stay here and it is warm here. It is a park with wild pigs, birds and rattlesnakes. So far we have seen the pigs, the birds, but not the rattlesnakes. The park is pretty empty, we suspect because of Covid-19. This place is basically sand and scrub brush next to a resivour with the Mexican border running through the middle of it.

The Sandra Faye, Ed's 40 Foot Yacht, was SOLD on August 24th 2020!

We are to help pilot her down near Greenbay, WI, leaving this weekend, if all goes well....

* 09-13-2020
The boat move trip went well. We ended up taking it to Oconto, Wisconsin on the south end of Green Bay.

We lost 2 days due to bad weather, really bad winds.

It took us about 11 days to drive the boat across Lake Superior, through the Soo Locks, across part of Lake Huron and across Lake Michigan and down near the bottom of Green Bay. The total trip was about 700 miles. The engines ran great, nice and smooth. The only mechanical problem was the loss of our rutter control, out in Lake Superior, which the new owner Jay fixed in about 30 minutes.

The bigest wave we came across was about 11 feet. The strongest wind we had to deal with was about 40-50 MPH. The longest we travelled in one day was about 125 miles. Our average speed was about 10.5 MPH.

I am back home now and will be looking for the next adventure, hopefully one that does not cost so much money........

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