Cruising In Becky's Land Yacht

We Purchased Becky's Land Yacht on October 17th 2020!

The Sandra Faye Was SOLD on August 24th 2020!

We are to help pilot her down near Chicago, leaving this weekend, if all goes well....

* 09-13-2020
The boat move trip went well. We ended up taking it to Oconto, Wisconsin on the south end of Green Bay.

We lost 2 days due to bad weather, really bad winds.

It took us about 11 days to drive the boat across Lake Superior, through the Soo Locks, across part of Lake Huron and across Lake Michigan and down near the bottom of Green Bay. The total trip was about 700 miles. The engines ran great, nice and smooth. The only mechanical problem was the loss of our rutter control, out in Lake Superior, which the new owner Jay fixed in about 30 minutes.

The bigest wave we came across was about 11 feet. The strongest wind we had to deal with was about 40-50 MPH. The longest we travelled in one day was about 125 miles. Our average speed was about 10.5 MPH.

I am back home now and will be looking for the next adventure, hopefully one that does not cost so much money........

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